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Michael Baentsch

About Me

Getting things done. In unusual ways. With integrity.

Hi There! I'm Michael Baentsch

I'm a computer enthusiast since the 1980s and a fully educated computer scientist since the 1990s: MSc and PhD from the University of Kaiserslautern serve to document that. My passion is turning novel ideas into marketable products: To do this professionally I obtained an executive MBA with focus on new product development from Strathclyde University. For most of my professional career I applied my computer science and business skills at the research division of a large IT company, always in the area of security software.
This changed in November 2020 and currently I'm focusing on projects I decide are worthwhile doing -- in the same area, of course.

C, docker, JavaScript
Python, HTML, Kubernetes

My Services

Enabling (new uses of) cryptographic software is my professional passion. I have worked successfully in various roles, including software developer, product manager, team lead, manager, and tester. At this time I'm focused on the following:


The stuff that solves problems efficiently. Mostly in C and Python, sometimes JavaScript, rarely Java.

Cloud deployment

The typical way to run today's software, so creation of Docker images is a key part of this.

Consultancy and Support

Application of cryptographic software to solve challenges around data protection.

Have a project in mind?

If you have interesting challenges in the area of applied cryptography, involving open source software, please get in touch. Presently I'm mostly working integrating quantum-safe cryptography into real-world applications in the OpenQuantumSafe project.

My Recent Works

Most of my work occurred within the fruitful walled garden of a corporation, but I can point to external links of my successful projects that are in the public domain, including JCOP, ZTIC, or Truata. Reference documents also detailing my internal accomplishments and recognitions are available upon request.
In addition, this work required the use of the patent system, so a Google view on patents issued to my name provides another external perspective on my technical achievements.
Things now changed to become more open. Check out my profiles on GitHub and LinkedIn.
Also, please come back regularly to see updates to this section.



As a core team member in OQS I lead the work on demo-application integration and interoperability and performance validation. I further contribute to build automation and algorithm integration of the core libraries and applications.
Currently, significant parts of my time go into the development of oqsprovider, work funded in part by the NGIassure fund.

Hiring me

I live in Switzerland but am open to work with remote teams anywhere.
I strive for --and like-- commercial success, particularly for my customers. Also personally, life so far was very good to me for which I'm utterly grateful.
So, I'm now giving more priority to time-boxed projects focused on "giving back" and which make sense and are satisfying to me and others.
If something sounds like an interesting and fun challenge, I'll dive into it to educate myself -- initially on my own time to satisfy my curiosity.
I do prefer things that make also others smile and serve a wider good, somewhat explaining my knack for open source.
If things turn primarily on commercial results, compensation (of lost opportunities and time to have fun and do Good Things :-) will be required.
Caveat emptor: I cannot help but uphold laws, facts (incl. common sense), rules and regulations (incl. GDPR).

Get In Touch

Sending me an email is the simplest and fastest way to get in touch.


Einsiedeln, Switzerland


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